A Retreat, Shame and wth? An Editor…

I got back from the writing retreat setup by Randy McCharles earlier this week. Randy’s a great friend to writers of all levels. Check him out. He has new series coming out soon. More news as events warrant.


Ok – the people at the retreat made me feel ashamed of my commitment level.

They were a bunch of BIC’s (Bums In Chairs) It was humbling. Their schedule looked something like this:

  • Writing by 630 AM
  • Short Break 10:15
  • Lunch Noon (45 Min)
  • Short Break 230 ish
  • Dinner 6:00 PM (an Hour)
  • And most nights another 2 hours of writing then a sit around chat.

With the guilt hanging over my head after the first day I tried to buckle down and get crunching out the writing.

Here’s what got accomplished:

  • 30K editing pass – and then sent to an editor for revision, plus alpha readers. Yes I crapped my pants.
  • 10K New words
  • Major problems resolved- two
  • Incorporate all changes from Editor on the Prologue. (2500 words)

Robert J. Sawyer Blessing My Keyboard

This is for what I refer to as the “CheeseSpaceOpera” Today’s working title “Icarus: Book One of the System War”.

Some of you might be still coughing about me sending something to an editor, please check her site out: http://moreedits.ca/. If she can work with me, she can work with anyone.

So in an effort for full transparency – Yes –  I am on the road to having something published; either self-published or otherwise. (Insert Laugh Track Here)

The biggest single new technique I learned and put into practise – Editing pass while you listen to the story. I did this through MS Word’s “Read Aloud” function. It’s astounding the sheer volume of prepositions I don’t put in when I write.

What are you going to put into practice for your writing?

Be Well…dcd

The Mighty WWC

When Words Collide is just around the corner and its time to start preparing for the trip/event/happening.

First, a disappointment, from the pre-release program I can’t seem to find when Robery J. Sawyer is speaking. I was looking forward to hearing talk about his recent experiences. Most recently he was at StarMas 2016 with a veritable who’s who of the Space and Science world. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Chris Hadfield and that guy – STEVEN FRICKIN’ HAWKING!

I follow Robert on Facebook and twitter. You should too.

As I did last year, I am helping out on the “AV” team. Projectors, microphones and mayhem. The conference is well organized and this mainly making sure the presenter is comfortable and has what they need.

Usually I get stressed out going to conferences, I don’t deal with crowds well. This produces a lot of anxiety for me. This year I am feeling far more relaxed. I wonder why? A sense of belonging? Whatever the reason, its a great feeling.
Be Well…