NaNoWriMo Update 26063

The quest continues to complete NaNoWriMo – I expected to be farther along after this weekend. Sadly I am slightly behind. Also I have realized that I one less day to complete the challenge due to a previous commitment. And this commitment occurs on November 29th. A first world problem to say the least… 😉

Here is your raw excerpt for today –


“You will stay there until you agree not to pull magic.” Brin said, “I know what you are going through. For the first time in your life you are not getting what you wanted. All Channelers are spoiled, we are precious, a treasure and most of all, use to getting our own way. In this last day I have come to the conclusion that this, channelers getting their own way, is the biggest mistake the college has made. And you will learn this lesson. Gaerth. You must learn this lesson. Brin said

I hope I don’t look as shocked as Jorunn does right now, Othin thought. It is hard to beleive that Taylor standing up to Brin could have produced such a profound change. Neilsen was holding Noak who was looking away, not wanting to see Brin broken. She had done her part in showing the solidarity of the Channelers. Jorunn walked over and sat on the ground beside Gaerth.

“Gaerth, you were the first champion for channelers I ever met. My first day at the college I saw you in the practice grounds. Fireball after, after fireball flying straight and true to its target. You stood so proud so powerful. Maester Plys took us past your practice. He waited until you paused. He call down to you, asking if you had any words for the new channelers. Looking up from the grounds, seeing all of us in awe and adoration. Do you remember what you said?” Jorunn said

“I said, what are you looking at! He’s doing all the work. Without a forge a Channeler is nothing.” Gaerth said

“That was my first formal lesson. I always ask Othin if it is ok to draw magic. You taught me that. “ Jorunn said.

Tears welled in Gaerth’s eyes and a wracked sob came out. Calin came and knelt with him. Brin released Gaerth. Gearth reached out to Calin.

“I am so sorry, Calin. How could I have forgotten.” Gaerth said. His body heaved with the sobs coming out of Gaerth. Calin held him close. Jorunn stood, patted Calin on the shoulder and walked back to Othin.

“He is a stronger man than I.” Othin said

“Why do you think that I always ask before pulling, Othin?” Jorunn said.

“I thought it was because you were kind. But now I don’t know. I think you do it becuase you are afraid that I will say no.” Othin said.

“You are correct, and I would never want to hurt you. But you must know this, there will come a time when I won’t have time to ask, I will need you to trust me., to give me the power.” Jorunn said

“Always, Jorunn, I will always give the power. Without you I had no purpose, I was just a blustering loud mouth. Now I have purpose.” Othin said.

Othin reached over and hugged Jorunn, tears in his eyes. He was a fortunate man.

NaNoWriMo – Day 13 – 23003

Warning: Some characters were harmed in getting to this word count!

I have attended two NaNo write ins so far and I have to say, its a good time. I am not sure why, maybe just the simple fact that you are in the same room with like minded people trying to accomplish the same goal. Thanks to the local team keeping our spirits up:


And now for today’s raw excerpt:

They went through the doors, and there was Kat standing there. Hair a dishelved mess, in a night gown and slippers.

“Oh good Jorunn’s here everything will alright.” Kat said

“Kat?” Jorunn said “What happened?”

“Why he died, little one. The selfish bastard, and left me here to go insane.” Kat said, “Would you like some tea? Who are these people? I don’t remember ordering for soldiers?”

“Do you have anything stronger than tea? Its been a long trip.” Neilsen said.

Kat looked at Neilsen, her eyes came into focus and then she ran to him and threw her arms around him.

“Oh, Neilsen, there was nothing we could do. They posioned him you see, it was the only way.” Kat said.

“Who poisioned him Kat?” Neilsen said

“Would you like some tea? Jorunn is suppose to be coming, and then everything will be ok.” Kat said

“I am right here Kat,” Jorunn said, looking to Gaerth.

“She drifts in and out of making sense.” Gaerth said. “Sometimes she is like the old Kat and others, well, you see.”

“Kat, who poisioned Plys?” Noak said

“Well I did, it was the only way to do it, you see. Now lets get some tea.” Kat said.

NaNoWriMo – Day 9 13244 – Finally someone died

Still 1700 words behind where I should be to complete on time. I am hopefully about tomorrow, as any writer should be. Today’s excerpt is an explanation of why Jorunn and Othin (our heroes) killed all the raiders. Again this raw, unrevised, what I just finished writing.


“Now that we are going I can explain what happened from my point of view. First the ambush wasn’t a chance meeting. Someone put a tracking spell on something we were carrying. My guess is that it was on the grill. The trigger for it was when you started to set up, Karl. When it was touched the spell sent out the location. The attack ddidn’t happen immediately, because the raiders were waiting at the normal spot you stop for lunch. We went past it. We went by it pretty fast. Which meant the Raiders had to play catch up. Did you notice how almost all the raiders were in the direction of your normal camp[? They knew we were coming. They also knew enough that Noak and Neilsen would react with trained and experienced skill and put a wind wall up. But Othin and I were unknown talents. This is why they went after Othin first. A channeller without a forge is just another person. Othin being larger and known to have great skill with an axe and mace was the target they wanted. If they had tried for Noak or Neilsen, they would have felt it and protected themselves in time. Killing you, Karl, gave them no advantage. They wanted you to see the wizards die. To show you no hope. Why this is I don’t know. But I am certain that they would have killed Noak, Neilsen, Othin and I. I know this because all the arrows, all of them were poisoned. You could see it by the black tips. To poison that many arrows to kill channelers and forges costs a small fortune. There are only a few poisons that can do this, the ingredients are hard to find and dangerous to assemble. Only few persons in the world know how to make them.

NaNoWriMo – Update 5860 Words

Considering I didn’t’ decide to do this until November 1st I am pretty happy. I will be just cutting and pasting the raw, horrible, bad typing until I start the first draft process.

Here is an excerpt –

He offered her his aBottle And Bloomrm and she took it. What was that scent? Earthy, it reminded her of comfort. He weaved them through the crowd, waving to those he knew. People would wonder who the plain woman on his arm was. She was alright with that. Anonymity had its place, and was a valuable tool for any wizard. Especially one that did not require magic. The wiser members in the crowd would point out who she was. This would set off another series of conversations and murmurs to an already loud event. She allowed herself to enjoy the moment for what it was, a walk with an attractive man. She snuggled into his arm to fully appreciate the experience. Elias smiled. Both of them knew that nothing would come of this.