They all die:Squirrels and Success

Whenever someone asks me how far along I am with “Game Of Thrones”, I reply, “They all die”. I have said this before I read the books, before I watched the tv series. Turns out that so far I am right. But that is not what concerns me, what concerns me is what if Martin never finishes the series, ever!

Herbert did it to me, Jordan did it to me, will Martin do it to me?

Some will say that there is nothing wrong with an author not finishing the series. It is their right to do with the characters as they see fit. If they want to leave the universe unfinished, so be it. BUT AT LEAST TELL ME! Let me decide if I want to get emotionally tied to a universe that doesn’t end. Don’t tease me with epic grandeur and then not finish the story.

Where I work there are several of us that believe that Martin will not finish the story. Oh he will be well meaning, and tell us he is working on this or that, but he won’t finish.  Why won’t he finish?

Success and Squirrels.

Now that he is successful he is not as hungry to finish the story.  He is distracted by the trappings of wealth, of the easier life. He doesn’t have to work. He can pick at it. He doesn’t have to labour over his writing.

The squirrel effect is tied to success, in that he is free to pursue any adventure or project he wants.  His latest release is proof of that. A COLLABORATION! That is just author speak for going for  a few pints and talking about writing.

I don’t blame him for this, everyone deserves a break, but don’t promise 5, 6 or 7 books and then don’t deliver.

I hope that whomever they get to finish the series, kills everyone.

This rant has been brought to you by dcd

Be Well.