NaNoWriMo – Update 5860 Words

Considering I didn’t’ decide to do this until November 1st I am pretty happy. I will be just cutting and pasting the raw, horrible, bad typing until I start the first draft process.

Here is an excerpt –

He offered her his aBottle And Bloomrm and she took it. What was that scent? Earthy, it reminded her of comfort. He weaved them through the crowd, waving to those he knew. People would wonder who the plain woman on his arm was. She was alright with that. Anonymity had its place, and was a valuable tool for any wizard. Especially one that did not require magic. The wiser members in the crowd would point out who she was. This would set off another series of conversations and murmurs to an already loud event. She allowed herself to enjoy the moment for what it was, a walk with an attractive man. She snuggled into his arm to fully appreciate the experience. Elias smiled. Both of them knew that nothing would come of this.


The character sketch that let a character live

In my last blog I had discovered that one of my main characters had hijacked the plot and I didn’t know what to do. By the end of the blog I realized all I needed to do was review the character sketches that I did to discover the answer.


Before we find out if I have to kill this rogue character, let me talk about character sketches and why I did one.

Early on in the writing process, I came to understand that I liked outlining.  I know their are many who write “by the seat of their pants” or “pantsers”. I am not one of those. I really enjoyed the outlining process. It gave me a lot of confidence in being able to complete a novel, after all this is my first novel  (and I hope not my last).

The character sketch gives you answers to questions you don’t know you will need until you are writing. It also allows you to write to the character and keep each of your characters distinct and unique. Not just “Generic OverLord 1”. They became real to me, I can see them and see how they would act.

Here is a portion of the character sketches. The full character sketches are much too long to include in blog.

Edur Characteristics: Use to leading people and people look to him for leadership, a very strong personality. A fierce negotiator and clever tactician. Enemies often surrender before battle because they know they have already lost. He does not like to lose, but is aware the appearance of losing often strengthens ones overall position.

The Abbott Characteristics:  Taken from his family at an early age to become a monk, was an excellent student with a very good mind for science. A number of patents and discoveries belong to him from his high school days, in University his true leadership showed and became the first student leader to become Abbott. His young age signaled a change in the previously slow moving Dominion, they are in evangelism and expansion mode. He is an apt negotiator, but realizes he lacks experience; so always works with a senior staff person.

Conclusion: Based on these snippets from the character sketches, Edur, would be the more likely as the tactician to have anticipated the danger and therefore planned accordingly. As a result of this it will be the escape from a riot.

However, I will use the idea of manipulating the masses by releasing a video showing the human nature, compassion and helping the injured ambassador, to refocus the anger, the following day.

From this, I also concluded I need to go back and review my character notes to help in the writing this scene. While this is stating the obvious, if you make an outline, you need to use it. You actually have to go and use it! Not just leave it on the shelf. What I discerned is that I did not FOCUS on what I wanted to write in this scene, I just wanted to write.

When I played sports I had a wise coach who said “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect”. His point to us was that if you practice sloppy, you play sloppy.

As a writer who outlines, I need to use all the tools and resources that have been put together over the process of writing this first novel. This is what I would identify as a “rookie” mistake. I don’t want to be sloppy writer.

Hopefully this will help you identify something in your own writing that you can change to be a better writer.

Be Well – dcd