Why Cafes Are Good For You

TED talks have been a great source of joy for me over the last several years. I have found comfort, encouragement and mystery. All three of these help me. It is often what my soul needs to grow.

Yesterday I came across this one on where ideas come from

Without going into great detail the parts I liked best was how coffee shops helped lead the enlightenment, sputnik (launched 2 years before my birth), and finally the main thesis. [Your homework will be to verbalize what you believe to be the main thesis.]

Today I have the day off. I booked it off sometime ago. I needed to get rid of some holidays. More importantly I wanted to find a good way to transition through the last months of winter into spring and avoid the winter depression I usually have. Taking Friday’s off has helped.

Tying all these idea’s together will help me focus on what I am going to do today. I wonder what is going to happen to me next…

As always be well – dcd