Why Cafes Are Good For You

TED talks have been a great source of joy for me over the last several years. I have found comfort, encouragement and mystery. All three of these help me. It is often what my soul needs to grow.

Yesterday I came across this one on where ideas come from

Without going into great detail the parts I liked best was how coffee shops helped lead the enlightenment, sputnik (launched 2 years before my birth), and finally the main thesis. [Your homework will be to verbalize what you believe to be the main thesis.]

Today I have the day off. I booked it off sometime ago. I needed to get rid of some holidays. More importantly I wanted to find a good way to transition through the last months of winter into spring and avoid the winter depression I usually have. Taking Friday’s off has helped.

Tying all these idea’s together will help me focus on what I am going to do today. I wonder what is going to happen to me next…

As always be well – dcd

What Time Is It?

IMG_20121016_000651Do not allow yourself to be defined by time.

Your age doesn’t make you something, the number of hours you put into something doesn’t mean you are expert. You are not too old to do that, or to young to do this.

Don’t drink before noon? What? Who says you can’t have cheese cake for breakfast? What do you mean you can only make love at night. Day and night are divisions of time as well.  I only have so much time today! Horse pucky! You always have the same amount of time.

Time is not the boogeyman, you don’t need to have time to write, you just have to write, right now, right?

Time is not something that is control of anything, nor do you get to control it. It just is.

Define yourself by actions, not by a schedule. If she has to wash the cat on Saturday night, you know she is not into – move already!

There is nothing better than going for coffee, now

speaking of which – TIME TO GET A LATTE!

be well – dcd