Where no one has gone before


Every author tries to create their own version of the universe. It could be this universe we live in as seen through the eyes of a character, or an imagined universe, like the one I will be using in Assassin of Earth.

My Universe is this Universe, but on different planets. Earth is here but is only a minor part of the story; minor but deadly. You see in MY universe, humans are the deadliest lifeform.


We sterilize worlds, we kill life we are the ultimate antibody in this universe. So when a “disease” breaks out we go take care of it. Sometimes there are many of us, sometimes it is only one human. Lately it is only one; it turns out that we don’t travel so well. Humans don’t like the way the other races of the universe get around the limit of the speed of light. Most, in fact almost all humans, die during their first interstellar journey, no one knows why. The ones that survive have become deadly, very deadly. It is as if the journey triggers an immune response against the rest of the universe.

What does the rest of the universe look like?

It looks astonishingly like us. The universe is populated by other bi-pedal “human looking” beings. No exotic species, no other life forms, no ice creatures. Hands, arms, legs regular looking. Oh there are some that have different skin colour, very different skin colour but they are still like us.

How are they governed?

Governments are much like ours, religious dominions, dictatorships, criminal organizations and normal democracies. They seem familiar, yet they are most different. Little trade between governments or systems. It is very hard to trust other systems. The universe is very brutal, it is not one big happy family.

Only one treaty exists, one Accord that seeks to control the chaos.

The Accord of Ramaln. Simple put it is the “Fair Warning” treaty.

I want to attack you. I must give you 90 solars warning. 90 of  your days must pass . Why? Why would all the known space traveling species agree to this? Because, before this was chaos. I would secretly build up all my resources to attack you. I would succeed, but you would have an underground that would drive me from the planet. Both systems destroyed ruined. Then I would build up my forces and attack you! Who has the biggest army would win. Then my allies or your allies would come along kick your butt and destroy your worlds. You get the idea, my allies, your allies.

90 solars, 90 days, allows for all parties together who want to be involved. 90 days allows the aggressor to re-consider, for a negotiated peace or succession of hostilities.

What happens if you don’t warn your enemy? Your system becomes the “disease” that humans deal with. You are fair game for everyone else. For my allies to come and get you or ANYONE to come and get you.

If you found out a human was coming to deal with your transgression, you immediately sued for peace, for the end of agression. Such is the fear and force that humans bring to the universe.

This week – reading about writing, but not actually writing – really

I have been spending a lot of time reading about writing. Seeking advice on what to do.  In fact I have spent sooo much time reading about writing, I haven’t been writing!

And now I am only writing about reading, and not writing about the Assassin of Earth! GAH!

Universally, I would say that all successful writers are will give aspiring writers this advice:

1) No I won’t read your novel/short story/script

2) No I won’t give it to my agent

3) Yes you should write!

4) Get use to being rejected

5) Persevere

6) Read the genre you write in!

They are by in large very encouraging. Which is very surprising. There aren’t many fields where you encourage your competition, even cheer them on!

Writing is unique in that way. Writing is unique in other ways. Take for example critiques.

Other writers, trying to get published or just write will take the time to read what you write and do an analysis of it for you, make suggestions, help you get better.

They do this for free!!! Can you  imagine if there was such a free exchange of ideas in the scientific world!

What if it was requirement for all businesses to share information freely so you could all get better!

If contractors had to be hired by “Agents”, so yo knew you got a really good contractor.  Or Doctor’s Or Lawyer’s – the charlatan’s would fewer and fewer.

Imagine the difference in the quality of life for all us, young and old, rich or poor. Simply because we all cared enough to make each of us better.

It would be a different world, it would be, dare I say, a better world!

In the beginning…

This blog is about me trying to write my first novel, Assassin of Earth. Like many aspiring authors I have been toying with the idea of writing a novel for years. Now that I am much older, I am trying to commit some time and effort to the process.

The funniest part to me is that I am not a good writer; I often leave key words out of emails, even though I think they are there.

In my effort to write, I have turned to various sources. Some books, some software programs, some chaos.

I have “just started” several stories throughout my life. I figure that I should try and finish one of them.

4,000 words into this story I realized that I needed to understand in greater detail what a novel is , and what a novel is not. I stopped writing the story and started examining what outlining and planning a novel is about. I apologize to those of you that are “seat of the pants” writers.

Here is an excerpt from the first whack of words:

Monicale Pre Sone started the conversation, directly.

“So how does it feel to kill 8 billion people?”, looking directly at me – flat expressionless, she could have been asking me about the weather.

“You would have to ask the Empire, I am but an instrument” , I replied in an equally flat tone. It was a true statement, deaths done in the fulfillment of keeping the accords were attributed to the violating the government leader or group of leaders. I turned to the Ambassador who was looking at the place setting.

“So, Ambassador, how does your Emperor feel about killing 8 billion of his own subjects? Her flat stare and question was now directed at the Ambassador. I would not want to be the ambassador. There was steel in the eyes of the First Prime.

“The Emperor is at “school” this week, learning from his mistakes.” replied the Ambassador.

“And you are not in school with him?” The Abbott questioned, speaking for the first time.

“I passed that class already” answered the Ambassador, turning to the Abbot with a slight smile on the his face. “Honor student.”