The Great Ponoka Write-In!

On July 8th 2017 the ‘We Will Publish’ (WWP) writers and editors group trekked to Ponoka for a mini-write in. By all accounts it was a huge success. Why Ponoka? One of our members, @stammcanada ‏ hasn’t been able to attend in person for several months and the second reason – ROAD TRIP!

Big shout out to our drivers, Lou and Courtney for hauling the team out. And thanks to the Tim Horton’s for letting us hog the single outlet in the restaurant. What we didn’t know is that it was the favorite table for the Local RCMP. (OOPS)

At the start we shared our goals for the day:

  • Melissa – Version two of her story for an RPG game that she has a affinity with.(they asked her write a short story for them so they must have an affinity for her too!)
  • @sharlene_engel ‏is doing a re-write of Book One of her Epic Fantasy series.  She is liking her main character more now. This makes us all happy.
  • Courtney is working on her novel(revising scenes), whose idea I have to keep secret because it is that amazing of an idea. She has dialed in the style she wants to write in and has most of work scenes on Index Cards ready to write.
  • @LouWSytsma is editing a short story for submission to Writer’s of the future.
  • Moreena wrote chapters for her online serial story  and work for her Epic Fantasy, Book 2.
  • and @dcdeartweets is cleaning up his first draft of the The Poorly Title “Einstein Fallacy” to send to Melissa and Sharelene for a substantive edit pass.
  • Why yes we are a collection of Sci-Fi and Fantasy writers and editors. The editors are Sharlene and Moreena, but we critique each other’s work as best we can.

You may ask why a write-in? Writing by its nature is a solitary pursuit. This allows for us to socialize as writers and to write. This group keeps one another motivated and checks in on each others progress. Where possible we read each submission twice, once as a reader and once for our critique. We also post links, to writing tips, contests, meme’s and events that will help us as writers. We use a free app called “Slack” for this. Slack permits private groups like ours, but let’s us have all the features. We can also post files for critiquing.

Our current format is write for 20-25 minutes, check in and repeat. This worked well until Doug and Melissa decided to discuss the flammability of space suits across the table. They may have gotten dirty looks from everyone who was in the ‘flow’ at the time.

Some 4 hours later the Edmonton portion of team headed back. How did we do?

Better than expected. Every single one of us got work done and may have enjoyed the process. Will we do it again? You bet – this fall.

Be Well…



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