NaNoWriMo 2015

It has taken me much longer to get back to writing from my full time job change. This past April I left a company after seven years of service. I moved back into the world of day to day IT work from working as specialist in Radiology Imaging software and hardware. In hindsight I believe that the job change was good for all sides: the company I left, the company that I went to and oddly, myself. It is a rare occurrence in my life to have a win, win, win.

The result for me is that I have not been writing, at all. (With the exception of some political rants during the Canadian Election). I have been thinking about writing a lot. I have been reading about writing and following the missives from the writing groups that I participate in. To the “Scruffies” and Edmonton Writer’s Group I am thankful for the communications. I did attend when When Words Collide 2015. This did help me stay at least somewhat in touch with writing.

And now its NaNo Time! I good way to get back to writing. Even if I don’t succeed, It will get all the juices going again. The most important aspect for me is the return of the daily habit of writing. If you are going to be a writer, I firmly believe that you need to me writing something daily. And so I am off today to the first event of the Edmonton WriMo’s events, a write-in:

WHERE: Stanley A. Milner Library (7 Sir Winston Churchill Square). It will be in the Edmonton Room, which is in the basement of the library, so head down the stairs (or up the stairs from the Pedway) and there will be signs to point you in the right direction.

So if you are writing NaNo in the Edmonton Area come on down! The statistics show that if you attend the all the “Write Ins” you have a much better chance in succeeding in the challenge.

What am I writing? I am glad you asked. “The Yoga Murders”, a Key Club Ladies Mystery. Never tried a mystery before.

Teaser: Arriving early to a Yoga Class, three work friends discover the body of a dead man stuck in the Downward Dog pose. With one of them a possible suspect it is up to the Key Club Girls to prove her innocence and solve the mystery.

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