Getting Ready – When Words Collide

I am going to When Words Collide again this year. When Words Collide 2014 won the Aurora Award for best fan organizational. (odd title for a an award)

If you are near Calgary you should have planned to go. Flights are cheap from the US. The conference is now full.

Here is the list of Special Guests for this year:

2015 Guests
Daniel Abraham Fantasy
C.J. Carmichael Romance
Diana Gabaldon Historical
M.L.N. Hanover Urban Fantasy
Sally Harding Literary Agent
Faith Hunter Urban Fantasy
Gwen Hunter Thriller
Brandon Mull Young Adult

I am going to try and blog every day while at the conference.(Stop Laughing) Last year, as you may recall, I did a post series of blogs on When Words Collide.

A great conference, but as I learned long ago you need to plan before going to conference. There are some people who ‘Yolo’ it. I don’t think you maximize your experience. Have a plan, change the plan if you need to, but don’t spend time guessing what to do next. Why? There is too much to take in. There is too much content.

I/You need to focus on what you want to get out of any conference that you go on. This is true of a writers conference, or any trade conference. Know thyself. Don’t be dragged along in the wake of events. Plan on riding the wave to where you want to go and use it to motive and carry you on to completing goals you have for your writing. Like me most writers still have day jobs, use the motivations from the conferences you go to propel you on to being the great author you want to be.

That’s all for know, get ready for the flood of blogs…and as always

Be Well dcd

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