NaNoWriMo – Day 21 34,484 – still behind

It is the start of the weekend that I need to catch up and get ahead, if I am going to make. it. The last two days I have made good progress in catching up. The Edmonton WriMo write in helped a lot. Today went well too! And I am getting pretty excited to see what happens! Here’s today’s raw excerpt:


They gathered them all together, Noak and Neilsen were both showing the advanced signs of withdrawal. Jorunn explained Colith’s plan to them.

“Are you mad! You are going to let crazy witch woman poison Noak and Neilsen on the ‘hope’ that it ‘might’ cure them” Gaerth said

“There has to be something else we can try,” Othin said

Jorunn let them argue back and forth, waiting.

“Why?” Noak said, “Why would you help us, we are nothing to you.”

Colith looked at Noak.

“How would you know anything about me, child?” Colith said

“Colith, we don’t know anything about you. But you have to admitt that it is pretty odd for a complete stranger to help out. What amounts to fugitves, renegades.”

“You will not understand my reason’s for they are my own. How can you understand another? We can’t, we are alone, we share but brief moments in common actions. But do we truly ever know another. A man and a wife can be married and have many children and then one day the man leaves, did they know each other? No. My reason’s for helping you are simple, I know that for someone to make a poison such as this they are evil. They seek power for themselves. What other reason is there. None of you here are criminals. I have been alive long enough to know this. None of you can lie well. You are all an open book. Why do you think you have stayed together? You have stayed together because you are honest people and the honesty inside you resonants with the honesty in the others. It practically drowned me when you first arrived.” Colith said

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