NaNoWriMo – 27823 – 2200 words behind

I have fallen behind again, but tonight felt good. A fast action sequence. And so I struggle on. Sadly, Noak and Neilsen have fallen in battle, unconscious. Here is your raw excerpt…mid battle.


With deliberate, deadly purpose she started working her way in the direction of the large fireball. She was drawing more and more power, knocking down trees, ripping branches. And then she saw the magic users. Two channelers and two forges. They saw her, but it was too late for the channellers, or what Othin hoped were the channellers. Jorunn had thrown two trees that impaled two of the magic users. The other two magic users fell to their knees, screaming for mercy. Othin gave Jorunn the power she wanted and watched in grim satisfaction as the other two magic users were immolated on the spot. Jorunn turned back towards the wagon and the felled tree.

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