NaNoWriMo – Day 13 – 23003

Warning: Some characters were harmed in getting to this word count!

I have attended two NaNo write ins so far and I have to say, its a good time. I am not sure why, maybe just the simple fact that you are in the same room with like minded people trying to accomplish the same goal. Thanks to the local team keeping our spirits up:


And now for today’s raw excerpt:

They went through the doors, and there was Kat standing there. Hair a dishelved mess, in a night gown and slippers.

“Oh good Jorunn’s here everything will alright.” Kat said

“Kat?” Jorunn said “What happened?”

“Why he died, little one. The selfish bastard, and left me here to go insane.” Kat said, “Would you like some tea? Who are these people? I don’t remember ordering for soldiers?”

“Do you have anything stronger than tea? Its been a long trip.” Neilsen said.

Kat looked at Neilsen, her eyes came into focus and then she ran to him and threw her arms around him.

“Oh, Neilsen, there was nothing we could do. They posioned him you see, it was the only way.” Kat said.

“Who poisioned him Kat?” Neilsen said

“Would you like some tea? Jorunn is suppose to be coming, and then everything will be ok.” Kat said

“I am right here Kat,” Jorunn said, looking to Gaerth.

“She drifts in and out of making sense.” Gaerth said. “Sometimes she is like the old Kat and others, well, you see.”

“Kat, who poisioned Plys?” Noak said

“Well I did, it was the only way to do it, you see. Now lets get some tea.” Kat said.

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