NaNoWriMo – Day 8 Update – 10669

Missed three days with commitments and meetings. I did get some plotting done, today, however was my best day ever, ~4800 words only slightly behind the daily target goals! More importantly they are still alive…so far…here is excerpt!


A wind swirled through the hall dosing all the candles and lanterns. With the sun still high in the sky, there was little light direct light coming into the hall, but there was still enough light to see. In slow motion Jorunn raised her hands to the height of her hips. Candles rose from behind the fount, unlit. Jorunn felt her control over the all 200 hundred candles. The candles were every color of the rainbow. Jorunn raised her hand to height of her shoulders and the candles rose higher. Then stretching her hands in front of her the candles moved past her towards those in the hall. The candles continued to float out to all the people gathered. The stopped in front of each and every person gathered. The first person to reach out and take one was Kat. As she touched it, the candle lit. Soon others were reaching out and taking the candle in front of the them and the great hall illuminated by burning candles.

“The candles are now bonded to the holder. Any time you, and only you, touch it, it will light. It will not light for another. Even with a flame, the wick will not lite. It is our gift to you for being our witnesses on our bonding day. Othin and I thank-you all.” Jorunn said. Of course several people immediately tested the promise and their gasps of surprise and laughter echoed in the hall. Which then caused everyone else to try the candles out. With everyone distracted by the miracle of the candles very few heard what Othin said next.

Be Well!

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