NaNoWriMo – Update 5860 Words

Considering I didn’t’ decide to do this until November 1st I am pretty happy. I will be just cutting and pasting the raw, horrible, bad typing until I start the first draft process.

Here is an excerpt –

He offered her his aBottle And Bloomrm and she took it. What was that scent? Earthy, it reminded her of comfort. He weaved them through the crowd, waving to those he knew. People would wonder who the plain woman on his arm was. She was alright with that. Anonymity had its place, and was a valuable tool for any wizard. Especially one that did not require magic. The wiser members in the crowd would point out who she was. This would set off another series of conversations and murmurs to an already loud event. She allowed herself to enjoy the moment for what it was, a walk with an attractive man. She snuggled into his arm to fully appreciate the experience. Elias smiled. Both of them knew that nothing would come of this.


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