When Word Collide: Prologue

Over the next two weeks I am going to post a series on my experiences at “When Words Collide”. This is the first writer conference that I have ever attended. It was and is a frightening experience. The frightening part is from the extreme quality of presenters and authors attending. I have been a fan of Epic fantasy for over 30 years and one of the current kings of epic fantasy was on hand – Brandon Sanderson.

  • Part One – A slush session – no its not a drink
  • Part Two – Keynote Speakers Friday Night
  • Part Three – Hybrids:Blending SciFi and Fantasy –
  • Part Four – The Short Story, a stepping stone to Novel Writing
  • Part Five – Storyboarding the short story
  • Part Six – RPG Storytelling (Role Playing Game)
  • Part Five – An Hour with Brandon Sanderson
  • Part Seven – Grammar – Call them Guru’s, not the other word.
  • Part Eight – The Publisher Panel:Novels – WOW
  • Part Nine – Brandon Sanderson on the writing process
  • Part Ten – How to build a consistent and Original Magic System
  • Part Eleven – Conclusions

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