Work and Words

The  May Long Weekend in Canada is almost Canada’s most important holiday of the year. We have survived the winter and can come out from behind our layers of clothes and slow down.


We stop rushing from door to car to door again to avoid the weather, unless we are skiing or boarding or skating.

The outdoors beckons us to leave our electronic wireless saturated habitat and venture into the unknown. The city I live in is mostly empty, it has gone camping and if you are home you are doing one of two activities: Gardening or Garage Sales.

But if you are me, an author who works a full time job with 3 boys; you plot. You plot to get all the work done for Monday. For Monday you can write all day and not be disturbed! Oh glorious day!

Image then my surprise when two of the three bottomless pits (boys), started helping with the gardening and yard work. If you imagine hard enough you will see that I will get to write today and tomorrow and Monday.

And so I leave my blog a happy man and father. I  head to the Universe of The Dominion, The Consortium of Trifecta and Unsforce Collective, where humans are the deadliest force in the universe and espresso is still a joy

Be Well – dcd

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