A Coffee, A Chair and a first draft by July? That’s just crazy talk…

As I mentioned, I met with a writing coach. She doesn’t just do coaching, she also is an editor. My first impression is that she is way way, way over qualified to be working with me, the first time hack.

I had a great time, and a great experience with

 Erinne Sevigny from http://www.bluepencilconsult.com/

Having never met Erinne before we met at a wonderfully cliche location; Starbucks. I haven’t be able to frequent pretentious coffee shops in a long time. It has been, and continues to be, one of my favorite pastimes. Writing is allowing me to enjoy this experience once again!

My goal, is to complete the novel.(Yea, I know you are tired of hearing this) Publishing is not something that is on my goal list. But I do want the novel to be as professional as possible, and as much like a novel as possible. Not just mindless drivel streamed together like a collection of baby drool.

Here are the goals that have been set out for me through discussion with Erinne.

1) NO MORE REVISING! This is the hardest short term goal that came out of our discussion. Picture overweight white older man pouting…


2) Keep an accurate count; how long I write for, how many words and how often I get “SQUIRREL.!


3) Write short stories and submit them to credible Sci-Fi magazines. This is for “pub cred”, publishing credentials. Oh and you don’t get to count these stories to your word count. (Evil!)

Pretty reasonable goals. (why yes I am muttering about not revising)

Currently I get to write about three times a week. I get in about 1500 words. If this is consistent, week in and week out, I should have 100,00 words by July. WOAH! That’s a lot of words.

I must have over estimated how much I get done in a session.  Sadly, its very accurate and if I use it for a goal for a session, it keeps me on track.

Erinne thanks for giving me hope, encouragement and rules to get this work done. You are a good person, even if I can’t revise…

Be Well – dcd

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