This week – reading about writing, but not actually writing – really

I have been spending a lot of time reading about writing. Seeking advice on what to do.  In fact I have spent sooo much time reading about writing, I haven’t been writing!

And now I am only writing about reading, and not writing about the Assassin of Earth! GAH!

Universally, I would say that all successful writers are will give aspiring writers this advice:

1) No I won’t read your novel/short story/script

2) No I won’t give it to my agent

3) Yes you should write!

4) Get use to being rejected

5) Persevere

6) Read the genre you write in!

They are by in large very encouraging. Which is very surprising. There aren’t many fields where you encourage your competition, even cheer them on!

Writing is unique in that way. Writing is unique in other ways. Take for example critiques.

Other writers, trying to get published or just write will take the time to read what you write and do an analysis of it for you, make suggestions, help you get better.

They do this for free!!! Can you  imagine if there was such a free exchange of ideas in the scientific world!

What if it was requirement for all businesses to share information freely so you could all get better!

If contractors had to be hired by “Agents”, so yo knew you got a really good contractor.  Or Doctor’s Or Lawyer’s – the charlatan’s would fewer and fewer.

Imagine the difference in the quality of life for all us, young and old, rich or poor. Simply because we all cared enough to make each of us better.

It would be a different world, it would be, dare I say, a better world!

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